Vince Logan | Special Trustee

Vince Logan the Special Trustee

Vince Logan (Osage) is the Special Trustee for American Indians at the Department of the Interior. He is responsible for the trust assets administered by the Department. He is a Senate-confirmed member of the administration. As impressive as that is, it’s only a sliver of his accomplishments in his personal and professional career.

FullSizeRender(30)Vince is from Oklahoma. He grew up in Norman-his parents moved there so him and his siblings could be close to more opportunities for education. Despite growing up in the town where the University of Oklahoma is located, he eventually attended Oklahoma State University.

Eventually, he ended up in New York as a lawyer. He worked for a big law firm where he focused on financial transactions involving transportation and logistics. It was a world he’d never been exposed to but he was drawn to it. He excelled in the environment and spent a lot of time working as a lawyer on these transactions.

At some point, he jumped into a new part of the financial world working for financial entities, rather than as their lawyer. It was at this point he was able to begin working professionally with tribes on finances. Eventually the opportunity arose to serve as the Special Trustee.

In addition to the world of finance is, Vince wanted to talk about his personal experience as a gay man. He wanted to share his experience so that others may be able to relate to the experience and challenges in his life not just as a gay person but as a gay Native person, and a very successful one.

We discuss so much in this episode, including how one baseball scoreboard influenced his life direction towards New York, digging into interests (Machu Picchu and bonsai), personal finance and more. Vince gracious shared his story, and like other NextGen Natives, his story is worth listening to.

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