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When Fry Bread is Not Powerful

Franzia © Power!

Imagine if I had a shirt that celebrated boxed wine and sold it in Indian Country. What type of response would I get? My sense is I would be castigated for promoting something that is “not traditional” and has created so many issues in our communities. But…isn’t that what we are doing when we celebrate fry bread? Open the floodgates…

Don’t get me wrong. I love to indulge and down some fry bread from time to time. I prefer mine simple with butter. If I’m at home, slather on some huckleberries, please. But it is not earth shattering to say that it is not really part of  “traditional” cultures.  Or rather, it has been incorporated into our modern version of our culture (another blog post). But, for several reasons, I do not consume it regularly. Among those reasons, I realized many years ago that it is not traditional, so I do not feel compelled to eat something on a regular basis, that while delicious, is not healthy or traditional. Continue reading