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Rezilience | Warren Montoya on Building an Experience

“Because of that one choice, so many other possibilities came up. They were already there…” Warren Montoya of Rezonate Art and Rezilience on finding new perspectives.


Warren Montoya, creator of Rezilience

Warren Montoya is the founder of Rezonate Art. He appeared previously on NextGen Native to discuss the company’s beginnings and goals. He returned to discuss what he’s been up to recently.

Warren pivoted his work with Rezonate after realizing he wanted to change the way his business worked. He described in this conversation (and our previous conversation) that part of his goal with the company was to build a sustainable business that could eventually support other artists. Warren realized that he could change his business model so that he did the support and education directly, rather than use his profits through selling merchandise. Continue reading

NextGen Natives in the News

NextGen Natives in the News

On this episode, I share some of these updates with a segment I call NextGen Natives in the News. This is a mini roundup of things I’ve come across recently that I think is worth sharing with NextGen Natives.

OXDX Clothing

Jared Yazzie with his “Native Americans Discovered Columbus” design, was recently in the news.

NextGen Native has been around about a year and a half. In that time, we’ve heard stories from many amazing people in Indian Country. The fun part about building this network of NextGen Natives is to see the amazing things that previous guests continue to do, and learn about cool things that others are doing who are good candidates to get on the show. Continue reading

Warren Montoya & Eric Manolito | Rezonate Art

Rezonate Art

Warren Montoya is the co-founder of Rezonate Art. Warren is from the Santa Ana and Santa Clara pueblos in New Mexico.


Warren Montoya

Warren Montoya, image courtesy of Rezonate Art


Eric Manolito is an employee at Rezonate Art. Eric is Navajo (Dine).

The company helps contemporary Native artists build and audience and sell their works through the Rezonate website. We discuss how an interest in art led Warren to start Rezonate, and where they see it growing both in the short term and in 3-5 years.

Rezonate is co-hosting an event called Creative Frequencies next month in ABQ during Gathering of Nations. The event will feature Native hip hop, a fashion show featuring Native designers, and live art done by Native artists. The event sounds awesome and if you are making the trek to GON you should check out this event, which is also co-hosted by Beyond Buckskin Boutique. For more information, see the links below.


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Creative Frequencies event with Beyond Buckskin Boutique

Beyond Buckskin Boutique

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