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Shon Quannie | 4X Studio

Shon Quannie

Shon Quannie is Pueblo of Acoma, Hopi and New Mexican. He owns 4X studio based in Phoenix, Arizona. On this episode of the NextGen Native podcast, we discuss his work at 4X Studio and design generally.

Shon Quannie, courtesy of Shon Quannie

Shon Quannie, courtesy of Shon Quannie

I have to give Shon Quannie a shout out because he helped design the NextGen Native logo. We discuss its meaning in the episode, so if you are curious about how it came to be, check it out!



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Links and Resources

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NextGen Native Episode 04: Bryan Newland

This episode of the NextGen Native podcast I interview Bryan Newland. Bryan is a citizen of Bay Mills Ojibwe. Bryan has a great story that combines his early awareness of what he wanted to do professionally with the power of relationships. The proof is in the results of what Bryan has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time. It was such a fun interview, and I hope to have Bryan back on the podcast in the future.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • The origins of D-word (one of my nicknames).
  • Although a Michigan Wolverine as a kid, Bryan decided to go to Michigan State. This decision had a big impact on Bryan’s career.
  • The history of football games between Michigan State vs Oregon.
  • Michigan State University College of Law & Indian Law Program. Bryan was the first student in the program. He now serves as a Trustee to the law school.
  • Bryan met Del Laverdure at Michigan State, and ended up working with/for Del.
  • Participated as an intern Udall Internship program sponsored by the Udall Foundation.
  • Joined a friend from Udall program to work on a presidential campaign and then on the presidential transition team.
  • What it was like to move to DC for a political position.
  • Bryan spent much time at the Department of Interior working on reform of leasing regulations. A court recently decided in favor of a tribe based on the regulations written by Interior while Bryan was there.
  • Returning to life in Michigan, including the challenges of serving as the tribal judge for his own tribe.
  • Turtletalk Blog

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Episode 003 |Vernon Miller

I am so excited to share episode 3. I interview Vernon Miller, a friend of mine that I first met in the Washington Internship for Native Students program at American University. I am in awe of what he has done since we first met. Vern is definitely a NextGen Native.

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Show Notes:

-Vern has achieved so much already in life. Among other things Vern is:

-The school Vernon taught at hosted student councils from across Nebraska. They worked to expose other schools to Native culture, and even cooked Indian Tacos for everyone.

Ho-Chunk Inc.

-1491s REPRESENT series.

-South Dakota State Rep. Kevin Killer