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Nebraska v. Parker | Vernon Miller Breaks it Down

The Story of Nebraska v. Parker

Vernon Miller is Chairman of the Omaha Nation. Recently, the nation has been in the news as it successfully defended its sovereignty before the Supreme Court in the case Nebraska v. Parker. In this episode, we discuss the background of the case, the strategy put together for the case, and the impact the case will have on his own nation, across Indian Country and on the Chairman’s leadership experience.

Vernon Miller, Nebraska v. Parker

Vernon Miller, Chairman of the Omaha Nation

In recent years, Indian Country has been timid to bring cases to the Supreme Court because it has been viewed as an unfavorable, perhaps unknowledgeable, about Indian law. But this case turned out very different. The recent decision ruled in favor of the tribe. Unanimously. It was an important victory for the Omaha Nation and for all tribes.

This is a great episode for people that want to learn more about current issues, but may not be a lawyer (like me). Continue reading

Eddie Sherman | Omaha & Navajo

Eddie Sherman is Omaha and Navajo. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his NextGen Native wife and family. He and his wife are both active not only in the Native community but also are active in the broader community.

Eddie works to advance equity issues in the greater area. He uses the network and skills he has developed over the years to benefit this broader community. He has taken part in several programs and fellowships that help him with his work with different nonprofit organizations such as the National Indian Child Welfare Association and now at his own consulting firm, Against the Current