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Mark Trahant

Mark Trahant is Shoshone-Banonck and runs the website Trahant Reports, his home base for his journalism. He is well known and well respected in Indian Country for his coverage of issues in Indian Country whether it was a video that went viral while asking President Bush a question about sovereignty, or complex issues such as the Indian health system.

Mark Trahant

courtesy of Mark Trahant

We cover a variety of topics in this episode. Topics include: Mark’s transition to new media from the newspaper business; his website; social media and its impact in Indian Country; elections and the Native vote and more.

What is fascinating about Mark is how his work transcends any one medium or field. For example, Mark was a newspaper journalist by experience but his work includes movies and documentaries. Recently he has taken on stints in academia both at the University of Alaska and the University of North Dakota.

He will continue to be a thought leader in Indian Country covering topics and stories from a unique angle and with a depth that is difficult to replicate.


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