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Jose Acevedo | Finding Arizona Podcast

Jose Acevedo of Finding Arizona is back on NextGen Native. One episode wasn’t enough to capture his energy and excitement.

War Cry Warrior

Jose Acevedo, host of Finding Arizona Podcast

To be honest, two shows probably isn’t enough, either.! On the first show, we talked about his life. This time, we can skip the details (where you from, etc.) and dive into various subjects.

Jose is the host of Finding Arizona, a podcast focused on entrepreneurs in Arizona. He is also part Hopi. We have a lot of mutual experience and energy to share amazing stories through our podcasts. You should check out his podcast and listen to the ways that disparate business people share common experiences, what their drive is, etc.
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Jose Acevedo | War Cry Warrior

[ed note: War Cry Warrior’s Jose Acevedo challenge to NextGen Natives was actually directed at me (and you). The challenge was for me to use the NextGen Native platform to bring  NextGen Natives together in person. If this interests you, let me know by leaving a comment here, or on Facebook/Twitter, etc.]

War Cry Warrior

Jose Acevedo, Founder of War Cry Warrior and the Finding Arizona Podcast

Jose Acevedo connects with all kinds of people through his podcast Finding Arizona. He also connects with people through the business he created, War Cry Warrior. And that does not include his day job as a landscape architect. Jose’s ability to connect with people has roots with who he is as a person.

Jose is Hopi and Puerto Rican. He lived in Pennsylvania until he was 12 and moved back to Hopi at a critical juncture in his development. He went from a place where there were all kinds of people to a place where there were far fewer kinds of people, and fewer people generally. And while he had a diverse background, no group knew quite what to make of him. Ever since he was 12 he has been building those relationships with people and learning how to do so with a wide array of people. He’s also been reconciling who he is through his personal experience, too.

This conversation did not follow the usual journey of someone’s life because it involved life tangents and going down various rabbit holes. It all flows well, and is a great conversation, but we cover more than just Jose’s personal journey.


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We also discuss:

  • Why Jose started his business.
  • The genesis of his podcast, and the impact it’s had on him.
  • Why we both enjoy the UFC and diving deeper into the stories of martial artists.
  • Our experience building relationships with guests on our podcasts.
  • Why it’s important to make mistakes, even when interviewing Ambassadors.

Hopi Girl Silver | Cynthia Begay

On Hopi Girl Silver and silversmithing: “I wanted to inspire [my sister] to carry on our traditions through any kind of art.”–Cynthia Begay

The Origins of Hopi Girl Silver

Cynthia Begay is Hopi and the brains and talent behind Hopi Girl Silver. Check out her amazing work at www.hopigirlsilver.com.

Cynthia Begay

Cynthia Begay, photo credit:
eeman agrama minert

Cynthia grew up in Bakersfield, CA. During the summers, she would spend time with her family back home. There she watched family members that were silversmiths. When she went to college she would ask “which family member made that for you?”  Only to realize that not everyone can get their jewelry from their family members. She was determined to work with silver, but thought she would do it when she retired and could move to the rez.


She is currently in a Master’s program in health (epidemiology research) and plans to pursue her Ph.D. Continue reading

Waylon Pahona | Healthy Active Natives

“I’m always asked to motivate other people. Motivation has to come from within you. Nobody can give it to you.”– Waylon Pahona creator of Healthy Active Natives

If you’re reading this, you are probably familiar with Healthy Active Natives. Waylon Pahona created this Facebook page that has almost 60 thousand likes. It’s been a source of motivation and support for people throughout Indian Country. Waylon–who is Hopi, Tewa and Maricopa Piipaash–joined NextGen Native to share his story. If you need some positive energy, Waylon is your guy.

Waylon Pahona of Healthy Active Natives

Waylon Pahona with Frank Waln, Evan Adams, Billy Mills, and CeCe Schimmel

Waylon grew up on Hopi and left when he was 18. He left to get away from some of the negative incidents he experienced. Waylon shared how he was sexually abused and wanted to get away. These negative experiences impacted him profoundly. For many years, he pushed those memories away and was not living a healthy life. He turned himself around (listen to the podcast to learn how) and eventually shared this story with others. This transformation eventually led to the creation of Healthy Active Natives. Continue reading

Michael Adams | Gourd Jewels | Hopi

Michael Adams is Hopi. He is also the the owner, along with his wife, of Gourd Jewels. The company is a jewelry business that sells online. We caught up just before Black Friday

Michael Adams

Michael Adams

Side Note: As the Holiday season begins, think about supporting businesses like Gourd Jewels and many other Native businesses. Gourd Jewels is having a black Friday sale, so check out their website for a discount.

One consistent theme from the conversation with Michael was his ability to analyze situations and make tough choices based on analysis and not emotion. For example, Michael attended Occidental College to play football. His goal was to make it to the NFL but after suffering an injury, he realized he should plan for something else in life.

Another example came while studying for a Ph.D. in psychology at Northern Arizona University. He realized his heart was not in it and that it was not worth the time, energy, and cost to pursue this career he thought may have been for the money. Continue reading