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Adrienne Keene on Native Appropriations and Academics

Adrienne Keene on using your voice “Our voices will not be centered unless we fight for Native voices to be heard.”

Dr. Adrienne Keene (Cherokee) will begin a position at Brown University this fall as a tenure track Assistant Professor in the American Studies Department.

Adrienne Keene

Dr. Adrienne Keene

She also is the author of Native Appropriations, her website that “is a forum for discussing representations of Native peoples including stereotypes, cultural appropriations, news, activism and more.” Each of these accomplishments alone is impressive. The fact that Keene accomplished both in recent years is pretty amazing. Continue reading

Jackson Brossy | Why Not in Indian Country?

“If it takes an hour to go to the nearest ATM, banking isn’t really on your horizon as a job option”— Jackson Brossy

Jackson Brossy

Jackson Brossy

Jackson Brossy is on a mission. First, his passion to serve his people of the Navajo Nation is strong. Second, his passion for economic development across Indian Country is part of a wave making our communities a stronger place to live.

Jackson is Navajo. He grew up on the nation in Red Mesa, and spent weekends traveling an hour, to the nearest border town for groceries and to access the closest ATM. Jackson is the Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Washington Office. He attended Stanford University and then the Harvard Kennedy School.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Jackson’s roots in Red Mesa, AZ on the navajo Nation.
  • The role of parents in the college application process.
  • Jackson’s experience at Stanford and Harvard.
  • How a Native student told him not to attend the same school they did and why.
  • The motivation behind Jackson’s interest in economic development (hint: border towns & silicon valley).
  • Jackson’s question of why not in Indian Country?
  • The value of relationships versus “networks” and “networking.”
  • What the role is for economic development in Indian Country.

To hear Jackson’s story, listen to the episode.


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Jackson Brossy’s challenge to NextGen Natives:

(ed note: as part of the show, I try to ask the guests what challenge, or question, or idea they want to share with other NextGen Natives. Here is Jackson’s)

“Let’s start talking more about what we can do to build [our] economies. In particular tech…Lets play some offense instead of just defense.”

These ideas are meant to start conversations that hopefully turn into action. Go to NextGen Native on Facebook and become part of the conversation, or on Twitter #nextgennative.