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Jessica Begay | Building Emotional Intelligence

“I’m eternally hopeful. Seeing [bad] things around me made me think that things can be better and should be better.”-Jessica Begay

Jessica Begay’s Refreshing Energy

Jessica Begay

Jessica Begay (Navajo)

I speak with people across Indian Country that share their stories and do amazing, interesting things on a daily basis. Their energy is fiery, resistant, forward thinking or any combination of those emotions. Jessica Begay (Navajo), has an awesome story. But her energy was different from some of the other people I speak to, but it’s end goal is the same. And it is refreshing. And we need more of it in Indian Country.

Jessica is a social worker at a tribal pre-school in Phoenix. During college, she realized that her interest and energy aligned with that of social workers. Her hopeful energy is not bound in the usual “we will endure” message, which is needed and powerful. It is based upon the knowledge that we can make our communities a better place. And from Jessica’s work, it is done through creating healthier social environments.

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Joe Sarcinella | The 100K Runner

“My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die.”

Joe Sarcinella is not Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride. He is not seeking to avenge the death of his father. But Joe promised his father he would complete a 100 mile race that his father could not complete. Joe’s drive came from this promise. The question was: could it get him across the finish line?

When Joe was a child, his father attempted a 100 mile race but had to stop at mile 89 due to an injury. MILE 89. Joe thought this a travesty. And as a kid, Joe promised his father that he would one day finish the race for him. He would run a 100 mile race in honor of his father. Little did he know the challenges he would face or the lessons he would learn. Continue reading

Joe Sarcinella | 100 Miles to Awesome

Ever feel like you are so out of shape that you could never  get into shape? Joe Sarcinella may beg to differ. So much so that in this episode of the podcast, he states his belief that everyone could run 40 miles.

In this episode, we discuss how Joe has lost 85 pounds of weight, changed his eating habits and is now training to do something few of us may not realize is actually possible.


Images courtesy of Joe Sarcinella

Joe is actually training to run a 100 mile race in October 2015. And the crazy part is he is running that race to qualify for the 100 mile race he actually wants to run! He is documenting his progress towards these races at his website 100 Miles 2 Awesome.

The goal of this podcast, and this episode in particular, is to make stories from Indian Country relatable. To You. It is important to hear stories about someone else who did it. Someone else (Joe) who took that first step. Not even metaphorical steps, real ones.

We discuss other topics, too, mainly his journey to become a lawyer. Joe Sarcinella has a great story for everyone in Indian Country. Links to the resources and topics we discuss are found below. There are a ton in this episode!

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