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Kelly Lendsay | Aboriginal Human Resource Council

Kelly Lendsay


Kelly Lendsay is the President & CEO of the Aboriginal Human Resources Council (AHRC). He also leads AHRC’s charity, Kocihta. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the work of AHRC and Kocihta. The council helps companies identify and expand their business case for hiring Native employees and developing economic development partnering with Native businesses and communities. Kocihta helps develop the workforce capacity of Native people.

Kelly Lendsay, courtesy of the Aboriginal Human Resource Council

Kelly Lendsay, courtesy of the Aboriginal Human Resource Council

Kelly’s work goes beyond Canada. We discuss his efforts to build relationships in the U.S., Australia and beyond. He expects Kocihta’s impact to be global in the next five years. The council’s work along with Kocihta’s work is exciting. Can the U.S. adopt a similar model?

We also discuss mentorships. These relationships are so important. This topic warrants its own post. But Kelly offers great advice about surrounding oneself with mentors.

It was awesome to interview Kelly Lendsay. My interview with Ambassador Harper was technically international. He spoke from his post in Geneva Switzerland. But the Ambassador is a U.S. citizen. Kelly Lendsay hails from Canada. I am excited to connect with a brother from the North to share ideas on the podcast.

Overall, this episode continues to confirm why I started the podcast. There are NextGen Natives taking action everywhere. The more we can connect people, share ideas and incite action the better!

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Kelly Lendsay

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