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Kalika Davis | Salon Tallou in ABQ

Kalika Davis is Dine, Ute, Chippewa and Northern European. She is the owner of Salon Tallou.  The business is an organic hair salon, but also includes space for other holistic healing center. She is currently a Native Entrepreneur in Residence with New Mexico Community Capital.


Kalika grew up in Bellingham, Washington before moving back to the Albuquerque area during middle school. Her family moved back to the southwest in order to be closer to other family and Central New Mexico Community College before going on to earn her cosmetology degree.

She became interested in hair design after spending some time with family in Mexico City where her cousin was a stylist. We discuss the incredible impact someone in this field can have on their clients. Hair care is incredibly intimate, and as Kalika describes, can be very therapeutic. This bond has created friendships with her clients and they share important aspects of their lives with each other.

Kalika opened her salon after realizing she realized there were no organic salons in ABQ that were not using chemicals. She found a great space for a business and decided to take the leap. But it’s more than just a hair salon. Her business now employs several individuals that contribute to a more holistic experience for clients beyond haircare, including massages and Ayurveda services. She also has several interns from the Native American Community Academy. She also plans to open her space for more community events.

Kalika became involved with the Native Entrepreneur in Residence after being connected by a friend, and fellow podcast interviewee, Warren Montoya from Rezonate Art. The program focuses on providing mentorship and support to Native businesses.

Evelyn Lazaro also joined us for the conversation. She joined Salon Tallou after participating in the internship through the academy. Eventually she was offered a full time job at the salon. Evelyn is also a student at Central New Mexico Community College.

It’s great to see a business that started out of a need, and is growing to provide more services for the community. It’s also amazing to see the amazing resources and support for Kalika’s business: networking, mentorship and more, both formally and informally. Kalika is now using the business to pay forward some of the support through her internships with NACA. It’s a great story of a NextGen Native making impacts in people’s daily lives.

Nikke Alex | Nerdy Navajo

Nikke Alex is Dine. It was awesome to get to speak with another former WINS intern on the podcast, and to see what all of us are doing TEN YEARS LATER! She is currently a third-year law student at the University of New Mexico. She is also a self-described nerd. And when you listen to her story, you understand that it is an awesome/honest assessment! unnamed Continue reading