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Nathan McCowan | Our Right to Modernity

Nathan McCowan is the President and CEO of St. George Tanaq Corporation, a village corporation created by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.

Nathan is Tlingit and Aleut. Prior to St. George he worked for Sealaska Corporation. Through this work experience he has been able to work for two companies that represent his Tlingit and Aleut heritage.


We discuss several different issues in this podcast. From business and leadership, to race. This podcast was recorded the week of the Charleston shooting. As part of that conversation, I mentioned the recent interview President Obama did with Marc Marron on “WTF,” the host’s podcast. As an aside, it is crazy that podcasting has got to a point where the President chose to be a guest on one. But more relevant to the conversation, that episode was recorded just after the shooting an they have an insightful conversation.

Nathan coined a great term “the right to modernity.” This has to do with our right as Native people to be modern people, without giving up who we are as peoples. Sometimes we hold ourselves to this standard. It was a great way to describe the idea.


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