Be Productive NOT Busy: A Mindset

On Not Being Busy

Jaclyn Roessel, Navajo, is many things. She is the Public Programs and Education Director at the Heard Museum. She is is one half of Schmooze: Lady Connected. She writes for the fashion site Presence 4.0. She curates her own website Grown Up Navajo. She’s even a previous guest on NextGen Native. One thing Jaclyn isn’t? Busy.

Jaclyn Roessel

Jaclyn Roessel

That doesn’t mean Jaclyn doesn’t have a full schedule or a lot going on. Quite the contrary. What it does mean, for her, is that she is mindful of what the word means and that people often use it as a crutch. Jaclyn has been on a minor campaign to remove that word from the lexicon of those around her. I appreciate it. I had the same revelation a few years ago.

I try not to use it to describe my own experience but sometimes out of habit or social conformity I’ll drop the word or at least go along with another person’s use of it in conversation, nodding in exasperated agreement. Tell me about it. I often use it when reaching out to guests for the show, acknowledging the value of someone’s time (I know you’re busy…). That’s how I found out about Jaclyn’s viewpoint on the word. After she said something along the lines of “I’m not busy, I try not to use the word” I had to reply by saying, effectively, “me neither! well,except for just then. It that was different.” That’s when we decide we should have another episode outlining our thoughts on busy-ness and other musings.

To get the full context, let you think we are insufferable zealots, have a listen. Hopefully our conversation inspires you to think differently, and more mindfully, about the language you use to describe your life.

We dove into several other subject such as our fear of organizing events where no one shows up, our inspiration behind our passion projects, creating one’s own happiness, Jaclyn’s morning routine, and much more. Check it out.



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