Native American Speakers at TED Talks

The other day I was watching a TED talk when I became curious about Native American speakers at TED. I knew of a few that I watched previously. But I did a search to see how many I could find that I may not have seen before. I was pleasantly to surprised by what I found, both in terms of content but also that there were more than I expected. However, I do think there is always room to improve our numbers!

A few things about the list: it is not meant to be comprehensive. If you know of others, please share in the comments! Another thing, the list is intended to be TED talks by  Natives, not about Natives. No Aaron Huey.  I did include one non-Native speaker who speaks to reforming the criminal justice system in Canada after his experience as a judge working with first nations. Each of these videos is provided courtesy of TED.

The goal of NextGen Native is to share thoughts and stories from people that are taking action. If you get on the stage at TED, I would say you are doing some great things!

Which talk is your favorite? Enjoy.



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