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Michael Adams is Hopi. He is also the the owner, along with his wife, of Gourd Jewels. The company is a jewelry business that sells online. We caught up just before Black Friday

Michael Adams

Michael Adams

Side Note: As the Holiday season begins, think about supporting businesses like Gourd Jewels and many other Native businesses. Gourd Jewels is having a black Friday sale, so check out their website for a discount.

One consistent theme from the conversation with Michael was his ability to analyze situations and make tough choices based on analysis and not emotion. For example, Michael attended Occidental College to play football. His goal was to make it to the NFL but after suffering an injury, he realized he should plan for something else in life.

Another example came while studying for a Ph.D. in psychology at Northern Arizona University. He realized his heart was not in it and that it was not worth the time, energy, and cost to pursue this career he thought may have been for the money.

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The most recent came when he was preparing to launch a podcast, but realized there were too many competing interests for his time. Something would have to give. Rather than let his business, relationships, or culture suffer, he made the tough decision.

He does have another podcast in the works, but is doing it with a partner, and more strategically.

Oh, and he also has a business. It’s cool to hear a Native entrepreneur building a life as an artist. But Michael is thinking many years down the road, and building strategically. He reminds me of the conversation with Louie Gong.

There is always something to learn from others in Indian Country. Michael’s analysis and ability to make good decisions is a great example to learn from. Check out his story by listening to the podcast.



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