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Kraynal Alfred is Navajo. Originally from Tuba City, she moved around as a child. She spent time both in Oakland, CA and Atlanta, GA. Eventually she attended Georgia State University. She’s worked for the National Congress of American Indians, National Indian Health Board, the Speaker of the Navajo Nation, and currently at the Native American Political Leadership Program.

Kraynal Alfred

Kraynal Alfred

Kraynal has been able to utilize several program to facilitate her educational and professional development. Those programs have taken her to Yale for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, the Kennedy School of Government in Boston, and soon to Tucson for her Ph.D  at the University of Arizona.

As a recipient of various programs, Kraynal now gets to give back. Kraynal has been able to develop the Native American Political Leadership Program. The program recently launched the Richard M. Milanovich Fellowship. The fellowship is named after the former long-time Chairman of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. To learn more about the fellowship, listen to the article and check out the website (below).

In this episode we discuss:

    • What it’s like to move around as a kid.
    • Finding programs to attend, and the impact of those programs on your life.
    • Kraynal’s research interests.
    • How Kraynal TWICE bought one way tickets to a new city without a job and landed on her feet. (Listen to find out how she did this)
    • Moving back home to the reservation.

*note-After the interview Kraynal asked that I correct the record on two details we discuss. (She is a stickler for details) One is that Kraynal moved to Atlanta as a sophomore not a freshman. Second, we discuss winters in Boston. She mentioned it was -20 when it was really 20 degrees with a significant wind chill.

Kraynal Alfred’s Resources:

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