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Jessica Metcalfe, founder of Beyond Buckskin

Jessica Metcalfe (Twitter, Instagram) is Turtle Mountain Chippewa. She is the owner of Beyond Buckskin Boutique and also runs the Beyond Buckskin blog. Beyond Buckskin is all about Native fashion. The boutique sells products and merchandise designed by some of the leading Native American fashion designers in the country.

Jessica Metcalfe

Before starting Beyond Buckskin, Jessica attended Dartmouth College and then received a Master’s and Ph.D at the University of Arizona. Her dissertation focused on Native American fashion designers since the 1950s.




Jessica’s academic research prompted the creation of her blog and ultimately the Beyond Buckskin Boutique.

If you are going to be in ABQ for Gathering of Nations this week, check out the event Creative Frequencies that Jessica is co-hosting Rezonate Art.


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