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Jared Yazzie

OXDX Clothing

Jared Yazzie with his “Native Americans Discovered Columbus” design, was recently in the news.

Jared Yazzie is the founder of OXDX Clothing Company. He joined NextGen Native once again to catch up on his recent projects. Jared’s clothing has been a hot commodity for a few years, but recently his business is taking some major strides.

He recently won a scholarship to join an incubator , participated in an event at the Smithsonian, and won a contest held by Louie Gong’s Eighth Generation.

Jared’s story is one of those “overnight success” stories you hear about. One that pops up after working hard, learning, growing and sacrificing.  It was fun to hear Jared talk about where his business is headed, and how he occasionally still cannot believe when he finds himself in the company of other high-performing people.

One of my favorite takeaways from Jared was his commitment to never stop learning. In whatever you do, I think that mindset is so important. Once you close your mind off from learning, you stop growing professionally, and personally. Jared is never going to stop growing.

It will be fun to see where OXDX, and Jared, is the next time we connect on NextGen Native.



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