Charles Galbraith | From Dugout to White House

Charles Galbraith: “We’ve been conditioned to think that we have to compete with each other…which is not the case.”

Charles Galbraith is Navajo. Currently, Charles (aka Charlie) is Counsel at Kilpatrick Townsend Law Firm. Previously, Charlie spent several years working at the White House for President Obama and before that he was an Assistant U.S. Attorney and a staffer in the U.S. Senate.

Charlie grew up in Phoenix. His parents both prioritized education and so Charlie knew at a young age he’d go to college. He ended up playing baseball and studying at the University of Chicago.  

Charles Galbraith

Charles Galbraith, Navajo

His baseball playing taught him endurance and the knowledge that not everything would break his way in life. It taught him how to dig in for the long haul, and how to keep a cooler head when things weren’t going his way. These two lessons would suit him very well in his career.

He studied political science and decided that a career in a profession such as the law interested him. So he attended Arizona State University Sanda Day O’Connor School of Law.

It wasn’t long before a summer internship in Senator Tim Johnson’s office resulted in a full time position. Charlie jumped at the chance and eventually earned his degree after taking night courses while also working full time. That opportunity led Charlie to working on President Obama’s campaign, and eventually on to the White House. There is much more to that part of the story, but you’ll need to listen to hear the full context.

It was fun to hear Charlie share his experience at this particular point in time. The president is at the end of his second term so Charlie is just now able to have some perspective on the entire experience and what it means to him.

Charlie has always been a practical kind of guy, and you get a lot of that practical wisdom in this episode.



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