Jose Acevedo | Finding Arizona Podcast

Jose Acevedo of Finding Arizona is back on NextGen Native. One episode wasn’t enough to capture his energy and excitement. To be honest, two shows probably isn’t enough, either.! On the first show, we talked about his life. This time, we can skip the details (where you from, etc.) and dive into various subjects. […]

NextGen Native 001: The Inaugural NextGen Native Podcast!

I am excited to share Episode 001 of the NextGen Native Podcast! The podcast is the heart of The whole goal of the website, discussed in this podcast, is to highlight great things that are being done in Indian Country by our own people, particularly the Nextgen-eration of Natives. We have a lot to […]

Heath Clayton on Hacking Growth, Mentors, and Success Through Naïveté

“People like genuine people. People like people who are authentic, people lke people who show up with their true identity. And being Chickasaw is part of who I am.”-Heath Clayton One of the areas in which I love to dabble is what I call “life system hacking.” The basic idea is finding ways to […]

Geoff Roth | Successful Careers and Self Care

“I felt this need to take my skill set and apply it as broadly as I could as long as I could still feel like I was affecting the community.”-Geoff Roth Geoff Roth Geoff Roth is a descendent of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. He recently completed an appointment as the Senior Advisor to […]

Gabe Galanda | Turning the Tide Against Disenrollment

“Look for those opportunities that may not be obvious to you.”-Gabe Galanda Gabe Galanda is a member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes. Galanda is also a partner at the law firm Galanda Broadman. He joined NextGen Native previously to share his personal journey. If you haven’t heard his story, I recommend listening to […]

Jessica Begay | Building Emotional Intelligence

“I’m eternally hopeful. Seeing [bad] things around me made me think that things can be better and should be better.”-Jessica Begay Jessica Begay’s Refreshing Energy I speak with people across Indian Country that share their stories and do amazing, interesting things on a daily basis. Their energy is fiery, resistant, forward thinking or any […]

Jim Gray | The Next Generation is Today

“I think it’s time we recognize there’s a change in our world and we need to make room for new voices in the great debate.” Jim Gray is the former Principal Chief of the Osage Nation. Jim returned to NextGen Native for a conversation that I wanted to have since the day I started […]

Terra Branson | Reflections on Personal Growth

Terra Branson: “How do you look backward but still move forward?” Terra Branson (Muscogee Creek) is the Executive Director of the Self-Governance Communication  and Education Consortium.Terra joined the show previously, and she returned  graciously for another wide-ranging conversation. When Terra Branson last joined the show, she just started her job at SGCEC as the Executive Director. […]